Senior Web Developer

  • Engineering
  • Stockholm, Sweden

Senior Web Developer

Job description

At Bontouch, we have a simple but ambitious idea: to make the world’s greatest apps for the best brands on the planet. To have the greatest impact on users all over the world, we partner up with our favorite companies—from Swish to 3M Post-it®—to create highly useful, beautiful-looking, visionary mobile apps, websites and webapps that create less friction for millions of users in the real world.

As a big part of a small, but growing team of web developers you’ll build sustainable products for millions of people and set the course for the future.

We are looking for a Senior Web Developer to join our amazing team. Everything we do, we do in-house, which speeds up both process and decision making. You’ll work closely with UX and UI designers, QA, project managers and product owners for some of our exciting partners that are both local and global. Everyone with one shared passion – to create exceptional products for everyday life.

By joining our web team you’ll be joining a small but growing team where you have everything from the dedicated World of Warcraft player, the survival-winter-camper, the hobby fisher to the guitarist! As a Senior Web Developer in the team, you will have a huge impact on the way we work and be part of decision making from idea and concept to production and implementation.

Who you are:

  • You have an engineering background within computer/IT and 5+ years’ experience from previous work.
  • You have written large, scalable applications before.
  • You have worked with Single Page Applications and are well experienced with Javascript and frameworks such as Vue, React or Angular.

Things you’ll do:

  • Collaborate within a cross-functional team to build and maintain public facing web apps enjoyed by millions.
  • Work in-house in an environment that focuses on individual growth as much as collective growth.
  • Analyze, test and tweak our services to ensure the best possible web experience for our users.
  • Join in on our sessions for knowledge sharing, hackathons and code camps.

Job requirements

Things you get excited about

  • Getting your hands dirty with frameworks such as React.js and Vue.js.
  • Using headless CMSs, such as Contentful.
  • Integrating with Google Cloud Platform.
  • Trying out new ways of doing things with React hooks and Vue composition API.
  • Being picky about web performance, accessibility and inclusivity.
  • Using typescript (or not) to get a deeper understanding of javascript.
  • Pushing the web boundaries with new technologies like WebAssembly and Rust.
  • Working with talented designers and building design systems and visionary web apps with a big focus on quality.
  • Emerging trends and the future of web development.