Photorealistic 3D Rendering of Sticky Notes

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  • Stockholm, Sweden

Photorealistic 3D Rendering of Sticky Notes

Job description


The Post-it® app uses a custom computer vision engine to detect Post-it® Notes placed on a surface. It can then extract and enhance the notes allowing the user to continue working digitally.

The engine is tested and improved using a dataset of images, each representing a variable number of notes from different angles. This dataset contains high quality real-world samples, but it is limited in size, and requires a tedious hand-labelling procedure for each image.

An interesting solution to this problem could be to generate such test images. Not only would this eliminate the need for hand-labelling, but it would also open for new test scenarios and enable the use of new metrics to track the performance of the capture engine.

Job requirements


In this project, you will use a 3D rendering engine of your choice (e.g. Unity), and experiment with different techniques to generate photorealistic images of notes placed on a surface. This component could then be connected with the Post-it® scanning engine to evaluate the quality of the renderings, and investigate how different parameters (such as noise, distortions, lighting, etc.) affect the note detection.

This thesis project may suit you if…

  • You have a background in Computer Graphics.
  • You are interested in experimenting with 3D rendering engines such as Unity.
  • You are familiar with C++.