Evaluating Swift Concurrency

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Evaluating Swift Concurrency

Job description


Asynchronous programming and concurrency are key when building responsive and fluid end user experiences for mobile apps. Numerous tools and techniques are available to deal with asynchronous and concurrent programming.

Swift 5.5 introduces a new set of features for this purpose, most notably the async/await pattern and actors. This has long been awaited by developers and will most likely become the primary way to write asynchronous code on Apple's platforms going forward. But does it live up to its promise of safe structured concurrency? How does it compare to other existing solutions?

Job requirements


Extract and rewrite an existing concurrent implementation to an implementation that makes use of Swift's new concurrency model. Analyze performance differences for different scenarios, both in terms of speed as well as of memory consumption.

This thesis project may suit you if...

  • You are interested in Swift and working with software development for Apple platforms.
  • You care about low-level details of programming languages.
  • You are passionate about new technology and love creating great experiences.